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Pleated Fabric

Colour and Style

Consultation for Two

Invite your sister, mother or a friend to join you and make the process even more enjoyable!
Step 1. Colour analysis

After the consultation you will know exactly what colours suit you the best, make you look younger, sexier and hide imperfections. You will know what colours to buy that suits your complexion and avoid clothes that will never see the outside of your closet. Shopping is much more enjoyable knowing what you are looking for!


This includes:

•    A colour card with your seasonal colours

•    A mood board with your personal staple colours

(for buying coats, jackets and more expensive items)

•    A mood board with your hero colours

(the colours that will make you look amazing)

•    Find out if you are better suited for gold or silver jewellery

(and clothes)

•    What lipstick and hair colour to choose and avoid

  • colour swatch with all your colours

Step 2. Body Analysis

Find out your body shape and what clothes will and won’t flatter your body shape.


Step 3. Visagism (Face Types)

Find out your face shape, what jewellery and hairstyles will

work best for you.


This includes:

•    Tips on what jewellery, necklines and hairstyles that works best for you and what to avoid

•    Images of sunglasses that will suit you the best


Step 4. Determine Your Personal Style


Determine your personal style and get outfits ideas
that suit your style.


This includes

•    A quiz to determine your personal style

•    A mood board with outfit ideas for your personal style


At the end we will compare all your mood boards and determine what outfits, in what colours will work the best for your personal style, body and complexion.

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