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Meet Susra

Susra has worked in the Fashion Media industry for 15 years, of which she has been 10 years the Fashion Editor of rooi rose Magazine. With all her years of experience in trend research, she has a firm idea of how to determine what will be the next big trends for the upcoming seasons and what are the timeless pieces that never go out of style. Her true nature is warm, compassionate and being around her brings a presence of self-worth and happiness. Her authenticity is one of her most noticeable trademarks.


She is also a qualified Image Consultant  and Personal Shopper with ELLE Education, where she ended top of her class, and a qualified Advanced Colour Analysis with IISA.


She is a wife and mother of two and know the joys and struggles of motherhood. Her knowledge on Colour Analysis, Body and Types, Capsule Wardrobe and Dress Codes; and her experience in trends and styling is the perfect combination to determine the best wardrobe for you. She doesn't only have the knowledge and experience of colour and style, she has a feel and understanding for it.

“I don’t only want to inspire people to look their best, but also to influence their self-esteem and build on their confidence and self-love. I believe true beauty is within and you have to draw on your strengths and what you have, not on what you lack.
I love what I do!”
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