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Cotton Dress


With constant changing fashion trends and a decrease in resources, it is difficult to keep up. After these presentations you will exactly know what is in-fashion for the current season.

Don’t know what to wear to work or a wedding or don’t know

where to start with a basic wardrobe?


Get a few friends together and find out in the easiest and most fun way.  Choose between the following options:


1. How to build a Summer or Winter capsule wardrobe.

Learn more about the staple seasonal pieces every wardrobe needs and what will never go out of style 

2. Current fashion trends

Detailed presentation on the current fashion trends.

3. Ageless Dressing

The Art of dressing at any age. 


  • The lies and truth about dressing at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 and older.

  • Style influencers that inspire

  • What can you do to not look older than you are

  • How to wear black

  • Trendy and classic handbags and shoes

4. How to dress your best
Make the best of what you have!


  • Balance is more important than size.

  • Importance of sleeves

  • What to look out for in jackets and jeans

  • Importance of proportions, print scales and length

  • How to apply rule of 3rds

5. Look Stylish on a budget
Make better choices when buying clothes.


  • What to consider before buying something

  • Try these alternative ways of shopping

  • Avoid these mistakes

  • Jeans that makes a difference

  • Colours, prints and clothing items that look luxurious

6. Understanding Colour


  • What is neutrals, that goes with every other colour

  • The affect of colour

  • Is there rules when it comes to colour?

  • Monochromatic and how to wear it

  • Complimentary and analogous colours and their benefits

  • Colour Contrast and is it important?

7. Dress Codes
Never be under or over dressed again


  • Are you sure you know the correct guidelines for the dress codes

  • Wedding dress etiquette

  • Dresses for different body shapes

8.  Workwear
Getting dressed made easier


  • The essential items in your workwear wardrobe

  • Items not suitable for work

  • How to make small changes from work to weekend wear

  • The best workwear accessories

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